Quidhampton Parish Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer Vacancy

The job has a broad scope and ideal for someone with experience, committed to community work and wishing for another secure source of income. The job is permanent after an initial period, and funding for parish councils is not under threat.

The job could suit an existing parish clerk, but they seem to be fully committed in our area.  More likely available is someone with small or large business administrative experience, perhaps now retired and interested in additional earnings for work done flexibly and mostly home based.  Or there could be younger people, now in narrower administrative jobs, looking to build their experience in this broader role.  Work averages 5 hours a week paid monthly, with the actual time spent peaking around the parish council meetings which are held six times a year in the evening, and at the financial year end and fourth quarter budget setting.

Candidates without the specific local authority experience are welcome, and would learn the basic legal and local authority requirements for which training will be given. These are not onerous for someone with maturity and relevant experience, for example administering budgets and costs, or arranging small enquiries and contracts.  There’s help nearby in the team, as councillors are active in their support to the clerk and take on ad hoc projects themselves.  Good financial and other processes and systems are in place following a thorough overhaul by a senior acting clerk in 2021, and the council received a clean bill of health in its recently completed audit.

In summary:

Location: South West Wiltshire (Quidhampton, close to Salisbury), home working except for 6 meeting a year held at Quidhampton Village Hall.

What’s on offer

  • Permanent part-time paid job.
  • Being paid whilst making a real difference in the community
  • Professional growth in community administration, with training provided
  • Build experience, alongside other work

Skills:  all or some of

  • Being organised down to detail, but seeing the big picture
  • Comfortable working with people, either public or officials/businesses
  • Familiarity administering budgets via spreadsheets, and minor contracts administration
  • Organising agendas, and taking minutes of meetings
  • Good and open communication, including email & social media.

Knowledge and familiarity with Quidhampton, pop. about 400, and its setting is an advantage.

The role is part time paid 5 hours per week, with extras as required. Payment will be in line with the mix of skills and experience the candidate brings, and anticipated to be in the range of NALC scales SCP19-24 (£13.24-£14.90/hr).  The financial affairs of the council are administered by the clerk, for which the ‘Precept’ (annual budget) is £11,500 for the financial year 2022/23.

Currently the council runs with essential financial support provided by a locum clerk, with councillors managing meetings and other work. We’d dearly like to hear from potential candidates to share the load!

For this round of enquiry, applications are required by 15th August 2022.

Please enquire with a CV to the Chair of Quidhampton Parish Council, Howard Rowley at stables.denise@btinternet.com or phone on 01722 744617.  A job description and application pack will be provided.