Parish Clerk Vacancy - Etchilhampton, near Devizes

Wanted, part time Clerk / Proper Officer for a small hamlet near Devizes.

This position is home based with a variable number of hours required each month, most of which can be worked flexibly around other home commitments.

Wanted, part-time Clerk/Proper Officer for a small hamlet near Devizes.  Precept £3,000, electors 122.  Usually only four meetings per year.  Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere and interplay with Councillors.  Separate unpaid Treasurer/RFO.  Variable working hours according to issues on which Councillors need selective guidance.  Email use whenever possible.  Ability to work on own initiative as appropriate.  Mostly working from home.  Terms and conditions to be agreed.  If interested, please contact etchilpc2021@outlook.com.

The role of Clerk is to ensure that the Council as a whole conducts its business properly and to provide independent, objective and professional advice and support.

Typical work includes:

  • Organising Council meetings in co-ordination with the Chairman and Councillors – Notices, Agendas, Minutes, Action Points and attendance at meetings.
  • Routine and sometimes more complex planning matters.
  • Keeping Councillors informed of relevant incoming material from Wiltshire or other bodies, assessing their relevance and summarising them for Councillors.
  • Dealing with members of the public who wish to raise an issue for the PC to consider.
  • Organising the Annual Parish Meeting – inviting guest speakers as the Council sees fit.
  • Maintaining the website reflecting current regulations.
  • Complying with PAYE employers insurance and possible pension arrangements for the Clerk and any paid employees.
  • Keeping of essential documentation, mainly in e-format, safely.
  • Administration of the Council’s email address.
  • Complying with Data Protection rules
  • To ensure the confidentiality of those Parish Council matters which are not in the public domain.
  • To issue correspondence as a result of the instructions of, or the known policy of the Parish Council.
  • To have a good standard of IT literacy (knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, etc) and other software packages used by the Council.
  • Pursuing the Council’s wishes regarding public events, eg Jubilees.

For further information please contact  etchilpc2021@outlook.com