A warm welcome to our new website.  We decided to embark on a new website following the introduction of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (known as WCAG 2.1), an internationally recognised set of recommendations for improving web accessibility which became mandatory for local councils in September 2020. More information about WCAG.2.1 may be found at https://www.gov.uk/service-manual/helping-people-to-use-your-service/understanding-wcag

Although WALC is not required to meet WCAG 2.1 by law; it was important to the WALC Executive Committee that our website meets the same standards expected of our member councils.

We have made it more streamlined and have removed the log-in for members. It seemed unnecessary to duplicate much of the information that is already available in the members area of the National Association of Local Councils website at https://www.nalc.gov.uk and you only need to remember one password!

It is likely that we will add to the website over time when we determine what is helpful and useful for our member councils.

We will continue to advertise vacancies for our member councils so do send them in.