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Local Council Award Scheme

The Local Council Award Scheme was launched in January 2015.

For those familiar with Quality Status for Local Councils, the Local Councils Award Scheme completely replaces this scheme.  Quality Status is no longer in existence and councils currently using the Q logo demonstrating that they have this accreditation should cease to do so.

The Local Council Award Scheme is a three tier scheme with Foundation, Quality and Quality Gold levels.  Like Quality Status, certain criteria has to be met in order to achieve these levels and a council can start at any point, either work their way through them or go straight in at Quality Gold if it’s appropriate.

To achieve Foundation Award a council demonstrates that is has the minimum documentation and information in place for operating lawfully and according to standard practice.  The council also has policies for training councillors and officers and is building a foundation for improvement and development.

To achieve a Quality Award a council demonstrates that it meets all requirements of the Foundation Award and has additional documentation and information in place for good governance, effective community engagement and council improvement.  A council with a Quality Award also meets the eligibility criteria for the General Power of Competence.

To achieve a Quality Gold Award a council demonstrates that it meets the criteria of the previous two awards and is at the forefront of best practice by achieving an excellent standard is Community Governance, Community Leadership and Performance Management.

For councils interested in applying for the Local Council Award Scheme, our first recommendation would be to read the guidance below to ascertain which level may suit your council best.  You may also find is useful to visit the NALC Local Award Scheme page.

Following this, please contact Katie Fielding at the WALC office for more information about the criteria and applying.

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