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New Model Standing Orders

The model Standing Orders have been revised to fall in line with the new Local Councils Explained book. These can be downloaded from the members' section of this site.

Information on Local Councils Explained can be found here.

New CiLCA Section 20

The Certificate in Local Council Administration (CiLCA) has a new section 20 from 1st November 2013 which will bring it in line with current legislation. After this time CiLCA will be known as CiLCA 2013.

After this date new submissions with the old section 20 will no longer be accepted and any candidates who are required to re-sit section 20 will also have to submit the new version. Submissions or re-sits with the new section 20 will be accepted from 1st October 2013.

General Power of Competence – changes to CiLCA

The Localism Act has introduced a new general power of competence for certain local councils. Local councils will need to demonstrate that they have an electoral mandate and a qualified Clerk in order to be eligible to use the new power. A qualified Clerk has to have the full CiLCA qualification which will include the new Section 7 module on the general power of competence, or have completed the Level 4 higher education qualifications for Clerks awarded by the University of Gloucestershire (or its predecessor institutions)which covers the general power of competence. Clerks who already have CiLCA/AQA or who started studying the UoG qualification before the 2012/13 academic year must take the stand-alone section 7 of CiLCA 2012.

Submissions of the stand alone Section 7 – The power of wellbeing
Candidates who submit the stand alone section are being advised that the general power of competence will supersede the power of wellbeing in the near future. Candidates have the choice to have this marked or not, depending on whether their council wishes to use the Power of Wellbeing imminently.

Submissions of CiLCA 2008
Candidates who submit their full portfolio will have this marked as normal. However if their council wants to use the general power of competence, the clerk will have to submit the stand alone section 7 (general power of competence) at their cost. Alternatively candidates may wish to submit their portfolio after the implementation date, and include the new section 7 (general power of competence NOT power of wellbeing).

For clarification candidates who register or submit on and after the implementation date will be required to submit a portfolio in accordance to the CiLCA 2012 Portfolio Guide, which can be downloaded at.

It is being advised that you attend the official NTS General Power of Competence training module prior to completing section 7 of the 2012 portfolio guide, this training is available through WALC.  Please let Katie Fielding know if you wish to attend some training on this issue as we will arrange the first training session to suit clerks who need to attend something fairly quickly.  You can contact Katie on the office telephone number or at kfielding@communityfirst.org.uk